Sunshine Award

It was such an honor to be granted the Sunshine Award by Richard from REM Cooks. Richard is an attorney by day, and chef extraordinaire the rest of the time. I hope you enjoy his creations as much as I do.

Rules of the Sunshine Award

  1. Accept the award.
  2. Post the award on your blog together with the name / link to blog of the person who granted the award.
  3. Answer the questions below.
  4. Pass the award to 10 other blogs providing links to their blogs.
  5. Contact your 10 bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.


  1. Favorite color? – Please don’t make me choose.
  2. Favorite animal? – Ditto. I’m a big animal lover.
  3. Favorite number? – 4, who knows why?
  4. Favorite food? – Impossible to decide – homemade bread, all cheeses, farm fresh fruits and veggies, etc….
  5. Favorite drink? – A nice cool Sancerre, especially during summer.
  6. Facebook or Twitter? – Both.
  7. What is your passion? – 😉
  8. Giving or getting presents? – It is better to give than to receive.
  9. Favorite day of the week? – Friday, in anticipation of a long and wonderful weekend.
  10. Favorite flower? – Lilacs, fleeting and lovely.

Blogger Nominations

There are so many wonderful blogs and bloggers out there. Here are a few I enjoy very much:

  1. A Camera in the Kitchen. Just go take a look – you won’t be disappointed.
  2. A Lot on Your Plate.  Jess has great ideas, fun contests, and an enthusiasm that’s catching.
  3. Cendriani. This blog is written in French, but its worth it to muddle through with Google translate. Cendriani’s photos and recipes are luscious.
  4. Cool Cook Style. You will love reading this NYC bonne vivante’s blog and trying out some of her recipes.
  5. Food on Fifth. I just started following Teresa’s blog. She is a food stylist and recipe developer. Lovely!
  6. Glenn Weissel. Not so much food, just a whole lot of amazing photography.
  7. Me Cook Yummy One Day. I enjoy Hope’s trials and travails as she learns to cook. She is also a grammar nut, which I like.
  8. Mom ala Mode. Lisa’s amusing stories and great tips about food, fashion, fun and everything fabulous will beguile you.
  9.  Mon Food Blog. Dan and I share much in common – we both love food (duh), started our blogs around the same time, and even use the same wordpress template.
  10. The Food Club.  This young couple has a new breakfast restaurant in Berlin! I love the detailed discussions on German food, one of my favorites.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Congratulations! You have a wonderful blog that I love visiting and the award is very well-deserved!

    I think it’s so cool that your favorite number is 4. Mine is 2. I get very happy when I can divide things in half, but very unhappy with thirds. I don’t really know why either 🙂

    And thank you so much for the nomination in turn! I feel very touched and honored 🙂

    1. MixerUpper says:

      Thank you, that’s so nice of you. I think your blog is super, and you always have good ideas and advice to offer to other food bloggers.
      Funny thing about numbers. I know from my time in Japan that the number 4 is considered unlucky, but I just can’t help myself…

      1. I think your blog is pretty super too! I love the design! I was thinking of a redesign myself, but was afraid of the time it would take . . .

        Thanks as well for the kind words about the blog! The best part about blogging is being able to meet and learn from so many amazing people around the world and close to home. There is something about getting to know people through their writing that feels really special. I am so glad that we were able to “meet” in the wild world of the internet!

        I didn’t know 4 was unlucky in Japan . . . I wonder if that means that buildings don’t have 4th floors . . .

  2. Thank you so much for passing on this award to The Food Club!! Wohooo! This has really made our day. I will be posting more on German food soon, in the meantime you can read about German meat fondue if you like. Have a lovely Sunday Alison!

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