The Food of French St. Martin – Part 2, Mardi Gras

With all the swirling sights and thumping beats of the Marigot Mardi Gras crew bands and trucks, I was somewhat distracted from the food offerings…

Mardi Gras



Mardi Gras


Nevertheless, several parade vendors caught my eye…

Mardi Gras


I loved the way all these snacks were stuffed into a shopping cart:


Mardi Gras


And the way this ice cream vendor was eating his own wares:

Mardi Gras

I saw the photographer from the local newspaper snap a shot of him too.


Then, there was food IN the parade. This lovely Indian woman was handing out freshly made chapatis from her crew truck, fried up hot right on board:

Mardi Gras


And this pretty Corona miss was providing much-needed relief from the heat by tossing water, beer, and soda out to the sweltering crowd:

Mardi Gras


My favorite part of the Mardi Gras dining experience took place after the parade, when my husband and I strolled through the temporary alleys made up of food and beverage tents. Some vendors went out of their way to set up cozy, shady spots to rest and rejuvenate:


Mardi Gras


I chose the vendor who was grilling Caribbean lobster, besides the usual chicken and ribs:

Caribbean Lobster


You will find these drum grills all over the island. St. Martin barbecue is truly delicious.

Mardi Gras


I asked several cooks what they put on their chicken and ribs to spice them up. They all said “nothing” or “a little salt”. The woman who was working our lunch spot was the first to tell me she made a sauce to put on after cooking; a spicy, vinegar-based condiment speckled with onions and herbs. Mmmmm.

Mardi Gras


I also tried the most wonderfully light and fluffy beignets. The woman making them kindly asked me not to photograph her. Guess she didn’t want me to capture her culinary secrets on film. 😉 Still, she inspired me to try to make some at home – not the same, but not half bad:

Mardi Gras Beignets


You can try to make some yourself, if you like, using my recipe for Mardi Gras Beignets.



Mardi Gras Beignets


All in all, an amazingly fun and festive time with enough goings-on to satisfy all five senses!

Mardi Gras

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like it was a delicious trip! Thank you for sharing!

    1. MixerUpper says:

      My pleasure, Daisy! What are you up to these days? Any more throwdowns?

      1. Teaching! And it’s totally kicking my butt 😦 But I’m learning a lot, it’s just keeping me swamped! Not sure what the next Takedown is on the horizon. I think it’s a painting one. I’m not in it, but I might go and cheer people on!

      2. How are you doing, btw?

  2. Wow! The food looks almost as colourful as the costumes. What a great experience.

    1. MixerUpper says:

      Ha, ha. It was a lot of fun. I’m guessing you had a lot of great food during your trip to France.

      1. That almost goes without saying, though we did stick to the little bistros around Montmartre where the atmosphere is as good as the food and they remain open till whenever.

      2. MixerUpper says:

        Sounds divine…

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